Zedd X You


Hi there!

For all the music lovers and singers out there. Today (actually a few days ago) is your chance to make your way out there in the music world. Zedd, a german producer/DJ, has announced on twitter to collaborate with his fans. How cool is that?!

To everyone who doesn’t know Zedd, shame on you! No, I’m just kidding. To be honest, I became a fan of him not so long ago as well, haha. I really love and enjoy music, but I was always very critical about who I am a fan of. I have always loved singing and till the day I still love it so I was fan of celebrities who have a great vocal and voice. I know that there are a lot of great singers out there, but there was only one singer who have caught my eye and my heart with her vocal talents and her way of performing and that is *drum roll* Beyoncé Carter – Knowles! Through the time Jessie J became also one of my favourites.

Anyways, I’m off topic, haha. Zedd is an amazing DJ/producer. He has made a few #1 hits and have nominated a few times as well. Since, I became a fan not too long ago I have done a little bit research on him. I came to find that he hasn’t been long in the music industry and already have done a lot of things! His career began to explode in 2012. Let me settle it for you.

I don’t like you – Eva Simons (produced)
Beauty and the beast – Justin Bieber (produced and co-written with Max Martin)

Aura – Lady Gaga (produced)
G.U.Y. – Lady Gaga (produced)
Donatella – Lady Gaga (produced)
Heaven – Namie Amuro (produced)

Break free – Ariana Grande (produced)

In 2015 he came out with his second album True Colors in collaboration with Selena Gomez, Jon Bellion, Troye Sivan and many more!

This is what he posted on his Twitter:


So everyone who can sing GRAB YOUR CHANCE! I’m thinking about joining as well maybe I will be recognized, haha (keep dreaming Jaychi!).



“Enjoy and live!”



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