Dear Diary | Are we friends?

Dear diary

Lately, I have a few problems with my friends. It’s not physically, but a bit more emotionally. In the beginning of our friendships we were very close and our group started to grow and contained more and more friends. We became a big group of friends which exist of 8 people, but now as we all grow older I have a feeling that the group is breaking apart and the most of my friends is leaving. I don’t know if it is just myself being a little too overconcerned or is it true that this is happening. I don’t really mind if it happens, but the situation where it is now is kind of weird, because I don’t know if we still are a group of friends or that everyone is going their own way and we just speak time to time.

Not too long ago a few friends of mine graduated, but they didn’t invite me to the graduation ceremony, that gives me a feeling that I’m left behind or that you don’t want to be friends with me anymore, but the worst part is that my friend did invite other friends. I don’t mind about that, but you should have asked me at least, because that gives me a feeling that you still thought of me as a friend. We have been friends for almost 6 or 7 years already. I could have said no and I think I would have said no, because I was in my testweek.

I don’t really know what I should be thinking about this right now. It kind of affected my life and myself a bit. So, I don’t really care about them at the moment cause I have my own things to worry about. So, my testweek is done and I have to wait for my results. I have also mailed my teacher about the situation and he have sent my email further to a teacher who has a higher position and he will be making the final decision. I have also registered for a special study as the one I am doing right now, but then in 1 year instead of 2. This study is basically harder, because what I am learning in 2 years, I’ll be learning in 1 year. I really hope that I can redo my year or join that special study. That is my biggest concern at the moment.



Thank you for reading one of my personal stories again! I hope you all will still like this 😀



“Enjoy and live!”



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