Morning Run

IMG_0394Hi there!

Being in good shape and have a good stamina is one of my goals! So, last Sunday I took a run. I am a really lazy person and I am wanting to make a change into that. Lazy persons don’t get anywhere. That’s what I hear a lot. If you want something you have to grab for it, that’s one of the dutch/western phrases I mostly hear, but my parents (Chinese) has another phrase for me. When the fire is already burning on your butt, you’re still not running yet. They have a lot more phrases like these, haha.

What am I actually going to talk about in this post? I’ll be talking about where I’m running to, what I’m doing while I run and what I use for running. Let’s start off with the first one!

I haven’t run for awhile, but now that I have holiday and not heading to another country I think I will be running more often. I used to run just 4 kilometres, it’s not a lot tho, haha. And I take around 2 or 4 moments for a break. The important thing is to push yourself. If you are a person who gives up easily, which I am as well, try to set a goal for how many times you will take a break or for how long do you run and take a break or how long is your break or do you rest in your break or do you keep on moving. I’ll give you a tip. Do not rest in your break! Because if you stop for a moment it is very hard to get started again so while you rest, keep on walking.

Usually when I run I don’t focus on anything. Just looking around and listening to music. I just try to relax and make my mind empty. That’s what I do while I’m running.


Since I just started running not so long ago I don’t use a lot of stuff. I just use my adidas originals as running shoes and just some shorts and shirt and I also take a cardigan with me for whenever it’s cold or raining, just for certainty. Next to that I also use the runkeeper app. It is really handy! I really recommend it if you start running as well. It’s easy to use and it tracks down the route you are running, how much you have ran, your average pace, your activities, burnt calories, the heights you’ve ran and for how long you have been running. It keeps a lot of stuff! If you go for running you should really download this app! In the above picture it shows a summary of your work out.

For all the runners out there I hope this post might have helped you out a little bit. Let me know in the comments below what you use for running and what your mind set is.



“Enjoy and live!”



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