Back and ready!

Hey whats up, it’s been awhile! – that Zayn reference tho.

Anyways, hello everyone and of course it has been awhile. How are you all doing? I’m literally doing real good. There isn’t actually a reason why I haven’t been posting anything in a long time. I think it is because I changed to another blogname and url and I have been doing other stuff in my life as well. Now, that I’m back, I think it is my responsibility to update you all on what have and has happened in my life so far.

I’ve got my driver license!

Yeah, you are reading it correctly! I’ve finally got my driver license and I’m so happy about it. It took me just a little bit more than a year to get it, but I’ve finally got it. I don’t know yet when I’m going to post it, but on wednesday 18th May, I’m going to pick up my car. Yes, you are reading that correctly as well, haha. I also have a car by that date.

Rome, you were awesome!

The last time that I wrote anything about travelling was when I went to London. Unfortunately, I didn’t write anything about how my experience in London was, but I can assure you that it was lovely. London did not disappoint me at all! Anyways, I’m heading off topic again. The last time that I went to Italy was just recently. I went from 2nd of May till 6th of May. I went together with my mom and her friend and the children of her friend. This time is my third time to Italy already and this time I went to Rome. The other two times I went to a place called Prato which is between Pisa and Bologne. Rome was very exhausting, but really fun! It was quite exhausting, because I had to organize everything, from booking the hotel and the flight to being the ‘guide’ because I was the only one who could speak English. Aside from all the exhaustion, it was a learning experience for myself as well!

New work, New me

Before I took the break from blogging I used to work in a Japanese restaurant and in that time when I was gone I found a new job. It’s a Japanese restaurant as well! Haha. Now, I work for their competitors. The restaurant is called Yumi and the concept is all you can eat, just the same as with my old job. The funny thing is that I didn’t had a job interview because they saw that I have worked in the same kind of environment before, but for my past job I didn’t had a job interview as well. The only job interview that I had was for a supermarket. The reason why I actually quit that job was that I wasn’t feeling comfortable with myself, but at my new job I am really feeling comfortable. My co-workers are nice and quite free spirited, haha.

Thank you so much for stucking with me even though I’m not one of the greatest out there, but I will try and do my hardest best!



“Enjoy and live!”



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