Jaychi Wong

ksHello everyone!

My name is Jaychi. I am 17 years old (14 September 1997).

I blog about the things I like!

Men’s Fashion | Lifestyle Personal

I’m born and raised in The Netherlands.

I’m 100% Chinese.

Currently living: Netherlands


IMG_0109Welcome to my blog, Thatchineseboy! I hope you all are enjoying it so far.

TCB, Thatchineseboy, is my own place on the internet. I made this blog to share my love for the things I like.



I will post things about Men’s Fashion | Music Personal stories Lifestyle

I am still working hard to make my blog a nice place for everyone to visit. The only one who can help me out with this is YOU. So, if there is something you want to see or you don’t like? Just tell me through the contact page or through my social media! I would really appericiate that!


Jaychi Wong