1. Having a driver license
  2. Getting my HAVO Diploma
  3. Do a roadtrip through Europe
  4. Getting my bachelor
  5. Go to a Beyonce concert (Mrs. Carter World Tour pt.II)
  6. Skydiving
  7. Visit London
  8. Visit Prague
  9. Celebrate Chinese New Year in China (Shanghai/Beijing/Hong Kong)
  10. Go to a Jessie J concert
  11. Go to a James Bay concert
  12. Take a swim in Blue Lagoon, Ireland
  13. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  14. Go to a ZEDD concert (True Colors Tour)
  15. Walk along Hollywood Hall of Fame
  16. Touch and take a picture with Beyoncé’s star on the walk of fame
  17. Stay in a flashy hotel in Dubai
  18. Walk down Harajuku district, Japan
  19. Wander around in Shibuya, Japan
  20. Walk around Central Park, NY
  21. Be on TV
  22. Swim in Bora Bora
  23. Dive in clear water
  24. Celebrate new years eve in NY
  25. Eat sushi in Japan
  26. Eat KBBQ in South-Korea
  27. Visit the fanciest McDonalds, Hong Kong
  28. Hug Oprah Winfrey
  29. Hug Beyoncé Knowles
  30. Take a sauna in Finland
  31. Be at Coachella, LA
  32. Be fluent in one or more language besides Dutch and English
  33. Walk down the streets of Casablance, Morocco
  34. Get a tattoo
  35. Take a swim in an infinity pool
  36. Eat spicy food in India
  37. Take a safari trip in South-Africa
  38. Kiss with a straight boy (maybe take a picture while kissing :$)
  39. Visit the Maldives
  40. Walk down the Black Beach, San Diego CA
  41. Try self-made ice cream rolls in Thailand (street food/street vendor)

This will be updated whenever I think of something new!
If you have any suggestion, leave ‘em in the comments below or tweet me