#MCM | Adam Gallagher

Hello everyone!

Seems like I’ve never done something like this before. Well, the concept behind this is just to tell you about these amazing men that I have in line for you, haha. I’m just going to show you some men that I have in mind who are not only good looking, but who also have a quite succesfull career of their own. It can vary from bloggers and youtubers to artist and singers. Shall we start with this handsome dude overhere?

Adam Gallagher

Adam gallagher  is a succesfull 24 years old fashion blogger. With his blog, named I AM GALLA, he reaches millions of readers, but we’ll talk about that later. Adam is born on October 10th, 1991. He is 5’11, that is something like 180cm – goddamn, that’s a really beautiful height, wish I was that tall. Adam has 1.8+ million followers on Instagram, 134.966 fans on Lookbook and 34.621 followers on Twitter. Anyways, I couldn’t find much information about him. It seems like he keeps his private life quite private, haha. I really hope that I can meet him someday!


As I already said before, I am Galla is Adam’s highly-popular men’s fashion blog. He doesn’t only share his sense of fashion, but also stuff about lifestyle, travel and photography. I am Galla started as a hobby that turned into a fulltime career. Gallagher started his blog when he was only 17 years old and slowly it got more popular and now by the age of 24 his blog is one of the most recommended and viewed under the men’s fashion category. I am Galla has won a few times the bloglovin’ award for Best Men’s Fashion Blog and Gallagher has worked with some serious big brands in the fashion industry such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Armani, Gucci, Hugo BOSS, Rayban and so on – So, he is quite the big deal, hahaha. If you ever need a fashion helpdesk, you should definitely check his blog out, but of course I’m your first choice, hahaha. Nah, just kidding!

Blog | Lookbook | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Snapchat: iamgalla

I’m sorry that I couldn’t find a lot of information about him, I’m usually quite good at this kind of thing, but it looks like Adam is better at keeping his private stuff private, hahaha. I always say we’ve gotta do with what we have. If you guys find some interesting fact or information, let me know in the comments below! Oh and also let me know if you like these kind of post. Here below, you can find some pics/outfit that I liked the most!



“Enjoy & Live”

Pictures are not mine. All the credits belong to the rightful owner.

P.S. If you are ever interested, I did find an interview that adam did with Lookbook

Next Artist | Zara Larsson

Hi there!

I’m back with a new person who I just recently discovered and she is talented! She is gorgeous and musically talented. I discovered her through Youtube, I guess. I was listening to songs and then I saw the miniature of her music video of uncover, but I saw it a few times before, but I wasn’t interested. So, that time I thought let’s check it out! Turned out that I should’ve done it earlier, haha.

I don’t know if she is already known by a lot of people, cause I don’t really hear anything or any news about her on the radio or music related media. I have a feeling that she will be getting more and more famous. And I guess that uncover is also her biggest hit. Since,  I don’t know her so I’m just guessing and thinking a lot, haha.

Her voice is really sweet with a lil bit of a raw edge. In some of her songs she sounds a little bit like Rihanna for my ears. I don’t know if any other people will say that, but I do. One time when I was listening to her songs I tried to imagine that Rihanna singing it and it could be as well! Even tho, she is an upcoming artist a lot of people do know her. I asked around in my circle of friends and they all said they knew her already. One friend of mine said she already knew her from a singing talent show on television. So, probably she has already risen to kind of fame, haha. I think that you should like her voice or totally dislike it. Her voice is just something that some people like and some people don’t. That’s what I think, but everyone have their own opinion.

Since, I don’t know her that well I have been doing a little research and guess what I’ve found! She has reach some fame. I also came to find that she is born in the exact same year as me, but…I’m older, hehe. She was born on december 16th, 1997. So, she is turning 18 as well this year. Now, I’m kind of jealous, haha. Read further and you shall see why.

Source: Wikipedia

You understand now why I am jealous? Haha. She has already reached so much in her career while I’m still at the bottom studying hard even tho we are the same age. Nah, just kidding. I’m happy with my life. Studying isn’t that bad either, I think…haha. Anyways, as you can see she is quite something. So, watch over her! I believe she is going to be at Beyoncé level soon, haha!



“Enjoy and live!”

Dear Diary | What am I supposed to do?

Hi there!

Before I start writing in my diary, I would like to explain this a little bit. I came up with this because blogging actually stands for talking about your day and personal life experiences. Actually, I have never really done something like this before so in this section I will be talking about my personal life, the choices that I make and the experiences that I’m going through. I am also doing this for people who could relate to some of my personal experiences, just to let them know that they are not the only on going through this. I hope you will be respecting and accepting for what I’m doing and if not, do not comment or read my diaries. Lots of love, Jaychi.

Dear diary,

I don’t really know where to start right now. So, I’ll just start with the school part. I’m actually really nervous about school lately, because I’m in my testweek right now (I should be learning….) and this testweek is so important to me. I’m right now  in my 4th year of secondary school (I think this is junior) and I still have 1 year to go until I’ll be done with school. I really need to pass this testweek to be in my last year or else I’ll be 1 year without school. Of course, that sounds nice, but I’m still young and I don’t have any certificate so I’ll probably end up without having a career and working my whole life in a restaurant or clothing store. I don’t want that. I’m a ambitious person and I want to have a career! The reason that I really want to go to school is not because of me having an asian background, it is just me as a person who wants a career and don’t want to end up in a restaurant nor any other low paid job my whole life.

So, the only subject that I really need to get a good grade for is music and Monday I made my music test and just yesterday I came to find out about my grade. Unfortunately, the grade that I got wasn’t good enough to get me in to my last schoolyear so I have to drop out of school. I had the opportunity to go to a lower level school, but I don’t want that. I’m happy where I am right now and I really want to go to my last year so that I can finally be done with my secondary school life. I’m almost 18 right now and I really need to get away from the secondary school. I should be in college right now.

So, at the moment that I realize that I couldn’t get in to my last year I immediatly emailed my teacher about this and I have asked if he could do something about it or let me redo this year. I really hope he could give me a positive result so that I still will have a chance of getting in to my last year and be finally done with my secondary school life.

I’m kind of in this position right now where my life can’t turn out how I want it to be. I really hope that my luck will be with me through this so let’s hope for the best, diary!




Did you guys enjoyed this? Let me know in the comments below. I’m thinking about doing this more frequent!



“Enjoy and live!”