Review | Insidious series

Hi there!

Last week on Thursday I went with a few friends of mine to watch the last chapter of the Insidious series. This is also the first time I’m doing a review and I think I will be doing a lot more soon, haha. I will try my best not to spoil a lot and just to summarize the movie and tell me own opinion.

The last movie is about a girl who wants to connect with her mother who died due to cancer, but while connecting with dead people it is very dangerous cause other dead people will hear you calling and sometimes the bad and dangerous one will be coming after you. So, that is what happend with the girl. She thought it was her mother who tried to talk to her, but it’s not. she decided to go to a medium, in this case it is Elise. Elise warn the girl that she should watch out and through the whole movie she doesn’t know what is happening, she still thinks it’s her mom who tries to talk to her, but it’s not….


So, the last chapter of the Insidious series is a lot different from the other 2. I do have to tell you that you should watch the first and the second chapter before watching the last one, because all those movie has something to do with each other. In the first 2 movies of the series it was more about the father and the child while in the last movie I had a feeling that it was more about the woman called Elise. To be honest with you, I didn’t really like this movie but the second one is better. The first one and the last one were the worst, but the second one was the best. Instead to continue the story, it makes a turn in the series. The first two movies had something to do with each other which was still that family that was cursed, but in the last one it was totally a different story. The cursed family wasn’t in it anymore. Only the medium Elise and the 2 ghostbusters. This was a weak movie for my opinion.

I hope I didn’t spoil the movie too much, haha. I would not recommend this movie, but if you want to see it, go ahead! Let me know in the comments below what you guys thought about the movie!



“Enjoy and live!”