Next Artist | Zara Larsson

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I’m back with a new person who I just recently discovered and she is talented! She is gorgeous and musically talented. I discovered her through Youtube, I guess. I was listening to songs and then I saw the miniature of her music video of uncover, but I saw it a few times before, but I wasn’t interested. So, that time I thought let’s check it out! Turned out that I should’ve done it earlier, haha.

I don’t know if she is already known by a lot of people, cause I don’t really hear anything or any news about her on the radio or music related media. I have a feeling that she will be getting more and more famous. And I guess that uncover is also her biggest hit. Since,  I don’t know her so I’m just guessing and thinking a lot, haha.

Her voice is really sweet with a lil bit of a raw edge. In some of her songs she sounds a little bit like Rihanna for my ears. I don’t know if any other people will say that, but I do. One time when I was listening to her songs I tried to imagine that Rihanna singing it and it could be as well! Even tho, she is an upcoming artist a lot of people do know her. I asked around in my circle of friends and they all said they knew her already. One friend of mine said she already knew her from a singing talent show on television. So, probably she has already risen to kind of fame, haha. I think that you should like her voice or totally dislike it. Her voice is just something that some people like and some people don’t. That’s what I think, but everyone have their own opinion.

Since, I don’t know her that well I have been doing a little research and guess what I’ve found! She has reach some fame. I also came to find that she is born in the exact same year as me, but…I’m older, hehe. She was born on december 16th, 1997. So, she is turning 18 as well this year. Now, I’m kind of jealous, haha. Read further and you shall see why.

Source: Wikipedia

You understand now why I am jealous? Haha. She has already reached so much in her career while I’m still at the bottom studying hard even tho we are the same age. Nah, just kidding. I’m happy with my life. Studying isn’t that bad either, I think…haha. Anyways, as you can see she is quite something. So, watch over her! I believe she is going to be at Beyoncé level soon, haha!



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Next Artist | The Weeknd

Hi there!

This is a new segment I want to introduce to you all. In this new segment I will be talking about all the new and upcoming artist! Since I’m a music freak and always searching for new artist, that’s why I wanted to do this segment. So, The Weeknd got the honour to be the first I’ll be talking about!

I guess a lot of people know The Weeknd by now, haha. He is still new, but have gained a lot of fame already! With his hits as Often, Earned it, Can’t feel my face and his own cover of Drunk In Love by Beyoncé, he gained a lot of attention by celebrities, music lovers (bloggers), magazines, etc.

The first time someone introduced me to him I wasn’t really interested and satisfied. The second time I listened to him it was something different. It felt different so at that time it captivated me – I don’t know if that is the correct word for it, but oh whale.

His music is so good! The lyrics seperated from his voice, haha. The lyrics that he write is so generative, but his voice is so smooth. The songs are just the typically modern day songs, but his voice set his music apart from other artists! The way he sing isn’t as special as well, just his voice makes everything different from the others and that is what makes him so outstanding! He really deserves to gain more fame than he does now and I bet he will gain more fame.

The Weeknd has won 14 awards and was nominated 30 times. In the following I will show you the awards that he has won.


2012    –      MTV O Music Awards    –     Wicked Games    –      Too Much Ass For TV
2012    –      MTV O Music Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Best Web-Born Artist
2012    –      mtvU Music Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Breaking Woodie
2012    –      Sirius XM Indie Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Solo Artist Of The Year

2013    –      Juno Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Breakthrough Artist Of The Year
2013    –      Juno Awards    –      Trilogy    –      R&B/Soul Recording Of The Year

2014    –      Canada’s Walk Of Fame    –      The Weeknd    –      Allan Slaight Award

2015    –      Juno Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Artist Of The Year
2015    –      Juno Awards    –      Often    –      R&B/Soul Recording Of The Year
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      Often    –      Best Director
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      Often    –      Best Pop Video
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      Often    –      Video Of The Year
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Most Buzzworthy Canadian
2015    –      BET Awards    –      Earned it    –      Centric Award

Source awards: wikipedia


The ones that is written in red have a link. If you click on it you will redirected to the official music video. I also recommend you to take a listen to this. You should also check him out performing live!

I hope you all like this post. If you like it, let me know in the comments below!



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Morning Run

IMG_0394Hi there!

Being in good shape and have a good stamina is one of my goals! So, last Sunday I took a run. I am a really lazy person and I am wanting to make a change into that. Lazy persons don’t get anywhere. That’s what I hear a lot. If you want something you have to grab for it, that’s one of the dutch/western phrases I mostly hear, but my parents (Chinese) has another phrase for me. When the fire is already burning on your butt, you’re still not running yet. They have a lot more phrases like these, haha.

What am I actually going to talk about in this post? I’ll be talking about where I’m running to, what I’m doing while I run and what I use for running. Let’s start off with the first one!

I haven’t run for awhile, but now that I have holiday and not heading to another country I think I will be running more often. I used to run just 4 kilometres, it’s not a lot tho, haha. And I take around 2 or 4 moments for a break. The important thing is to push yourself. If you are a person who gives up easily, which I am as well, try to set a goal for how many times you will take a break or for how long do you run and take a break or how long is your break or do you rest in your break or do you keep on moving. I’ll give you a tip. Do not rest in your break! Because if you stop for a moment it is very hard to get started again so while you rest, keep on walking.

Usually when I run I don’t focus on anything. Just looking around and listening to music. I just try to relax and make my mind empty. That’s what I do while I’m running.


Since I just started running not so long ago I don’t use a lot of stuff. I just use my adidas originals as running shoes and just some shorts and shirt and I also take a cardigan with me for whenever it’s cold or raining, just for certainty. Next to that I also use the runkeeper app. It is really handy! I really recommend it if you start running as well. It’s easy to use and it tracks down the route you are running, how much you have ran, your average pace, your activities, burnt calories, the heights you’ve ran and for how long you have been running. It keeps a lot of stuff! If you go for running you should really download this app! In the above picture it shows a summary of your work out.

For all the runners out there I hope this post might have helped you out a little bit. Let me know in the comments below what you use for running and what your mind set is.



“Enjoy and live!”

The TCB Guide


Hi there!

Since my blog is new on the internet I’d like to guide you all around a little bit so that you all can find the right articles to read. I try my best to improve the quality of my blog so that it isn’t hard to deal with, but yet it to look cool. So, let’s get into it!

From the moment when you type in you will come onto my home page immediatly, but when you are reading the articles or when there are a lot of pages and you are too far away from the begin page you can click on the header in the top. This will redirect you to the home page.

Navigation bar
I don’t know what it is exactly called, but I call it a navigation bar. The navigation bar is the bar below the header. In this bar you will find the About, Contact, Where 2 Shop and the bucketlist pages, but also the search bar if you want to search for a specific article. I think all those pages will speaks for itself.

In the social section, which is on the right side of the screen, you can find all my social media pages that I have except for Instagram. For my Instagram you have to scroll a little bit down and click on the picture that is showing below the Instagram header. I have also my Twitter timeline on my blog so that you all know what I’m talking about on a daily basis, haha.

Recent post
For all my readers who doesn’t follow me, but does visit my blog from time to time, you can find my recent post right below the recent post header which is also on the right side if you scroll down.

If you scroll down to the bottom you will see a calender on the left side. On that calender you can see how active I actually am. You can see when I have posted anything and if you have missed out a day you can click on the date that you have missed out and it will show all the articles that I have posted on that day.

Usually people keep their categories in the navigation bar, but I’m going to do it differently. I have put it on the bottom on the right side. To be honest, I haven’t sorted out the categories yet, but the ones I have are Personal | Fashion | Lifestyle | Music | Travel | Vlogs but I’m not sure of them all yet. Since, I’m still in the beginning of my blog you all will experience the updates that my blog will be undergoing. If there is any upcoming update I will let you know through my social media.

I hope I have informed you all good enough. If you have any questions you can ask me through my social media of course or letting me know by sending me an email to



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Zedd X You


Hi there!

For all the music lovers and singers out there. Today (actually a few days ago) is your chance to make your way out there in the music world. Zedd, a german producer/DJ, has announced on twitter to collaborate with his fans. How cool is that?!

To everyone who doesn’t know Zedd, shame on you! No, I’m just kidding. To be honest, I became a fan of him not so long ago as well, haha. I really love and enjoy music, but I was always very critical about who I am a fan of. I have always loved singing and till the day I still love it so I was fan of celebrities who have a great vocal and voice. I know that there are a lot of great singers out there, but there was only one singer who have caught my eye and my heart with her vocal talents and her way of performing and that is *drum roll* Beyoncé Carter – Knowles! Through the time Jessie J became also one of my favourites.

Anyways, I’m off topic, haha. Zedd is an amazing DJ/producer. He has made a few #1 hits and have nominated a few times as well. Since, I became a fan not too long ago I have done a little bit research on him. I came to find that he hasn’t been long in the music industry and already have done a lot of things! His career began to explode in 2012. Let me settle it for you.

I don’t like you – Eva Simons (produced)
Beauty and the beast – Justin Bieber (produced and co-written with Max Martin)

Aura – Lady Gaga (produced)
G.U.Y. – Lady Gaga (produced)
Donatella – Lady Gaga (produced)
Heaven – Namie Amuro (produced)

Break free – Ariana Grande (produced)

In 2015 he came out with his second album True Colors in collaboration with Selena Gomez, Jon Bellion, Troye Sivan and many more!

This is what he posted on his Twitter:


So everyone who can sing GRAB YOUR CHANCE! I’m thinking about joining as well maybe I will be recognized, haha (keep dreaming Jaychi!).



“Enjoy and live!”