#MCM | Adam Gallagher

Hello everyone!

Seems like I’ve never done something like this before. Well, the concept behind this is just to tell you about these amazing men that I have in line for you, haha. I’m just going to show you some men that I have in mind who are not only good looking, but who also have a quite succesfull career of their own. It can vary from bloggers and youtubers to artist and singers. Shall we start with this handsome dude overhere?

Adam Gallagher

Adam gallagher  is a succesfull 24 years old fashion blogger. With his blog, named I AM GALLA, he reaches millions of readers, but we’ll talk about that later. Adam is born on October 10th, 1991. He is 5’11, that is something like 180cm – goddamn, that’s a really beautiful height, wish I was that tall. Adam has 1.8+ million followers on Instagram, 134.966 fans on Lookbook and 34.621 followers on Twitter. Anyways, I couldn’t find much information about him. It seems like he keeps his private life quite private, haha. I really hope that I can meet him someday!


As I already said before, I am Galla is Adam’s highly-popular men’s fashion blog. He doesn’t only share his sense of fashion, but also stuff about lifestyle, travel and photography. I am Galla started as a hobby that turned into a fulltime career. Gallagher started his blog when he was only 17 years old and slowly it got more popular and now by the age of 24 his blog is one of the most recommended and viewed under the men’s fashion category. I am Galla has won a few times the bloglovin’ award for Best Men’s Fashion Blog and Gallagher has worked with some serious big brands in the fashion industry such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Armani, Gucci, Hugo BOSS, Rayban and so on – So, he is quite the big deal, hahaha. If you ever need a fashion helpdesk, you should definitely check his blog out, but of course I’m your first choice, hahaha. Nah, just kidding!

Blog | Lookbook | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Snapchat: iamgalla

I’m sorry that I couldn’t find a lot of information about him, I’m usually quite good at this kind of thing, but it looks like Adam is better at keeping his private stuff private, hahaha. I always say we’ve gotta do with what we have. If you guys find some interesting fact or information, let me know in the comments below! Oh and also let me know if you like these kind of post. Here below, you can find some pics/outfit that I liked the most!



“Enjoy & Live”

Pictures are not mine. All the credits belong to the rightful owner.

P.S. If you are ever interested, I did find an interview that adam did with Lookbook

London, I’m on my way!

london 2Hi everyone!

So, at the last minute I decided to go to London for a few days, haha. Actually, I wouldn’t be going anywhere this summer since my grandma is coming over and I should be helping my parents out in the restaurant, but somehow my parents agreed to let me go to London! My niece came last minute with the idea to go to London and I said no at first, because of the above reasons. The day after my niece ask me to go to London I told my parents that my niece had ask if I wanted to go to London with her and they said that I should go which was really suprising for them to say and especially my dad. My dad is the most protective one and usually he wouldn’t let me go to London with my niece and little brother, but this time….WOW, I’m still very suprised, haha.

London has always been my favourite city even tho I have never been there before. I just really like their flag, the kingdom, the fashion, the lifestyle, the vintage side and et cetera, haha. I never really understood why I was so attached to London, but with this upcoming vacation I will see London with my own eyes and decide wether I really like it or it’s just my imagination. Anyways, I’m so excited to go!

The flight tickets are booked and our hostel has been reserved. The only thing that is left to do is packing and deciding where we wanna go hang out. If you guys know a cool place to hang out or a cool restaurant to eat, let me know in the comments below! I’d like to know and try it out. I’m open for anything, haha.

Of course, I will keep you guys posted about the things that I’m about to do. So, I will be leaving The Netherlands 17th August and I will be coming back 22nd August.



“Enjoy and live!”

p.s. photos are from weheartit

london 3 london 1 london 4

July Favourites

goodbye july, hello augustHi there!

Wow, first month is already over and guess what…I am still consistently posting 3 days a week! OMG, I’m really proud of myself for being able to do that, haha. Usually, I’m not feeling it anymore after a few days, but I’m still posting. I think I really like this, but it does use a lot of time! There’s something I want to tell you all before I’m continue to the rest of this post.

After this month, my school is starting again and I have a feeling that I can’t post consistently anymore. I have explained my situation a little bit to you all and I really need to do my best the up coming school year since it will be a lot harder than it used to be so of course, I’m going to put a lot more time into school than this. However, I will try my best to upload at least once a week by then!

Favourite moment
4th Juy 2015, the lauch of my blog! I was and still am really proud of my blog launch. I really love the lay-out of my blog and what I like the most is that real people really do come over and take their time to read my blog! It is so cool. What even more surprising is that I am still updating and posting my blogposts on time! My blog already exists for 1 month! Woohoo~~~ Let’s hope for more great adventures and things to come on its way!

Favourite fashion item
I haven’t really posted anything fashion related except for the 2 sneaker posts I did. However, I still have some fashion pieces in my closet that I really like and wore this month. It is my long cardigan which I bought at the Pull & Bear store in Rotterdam! I wore it almost everyday, haha. This piece is very easy to style with even people who aren’t really good in styling can wear it fabulous! I wore it the most in the morning when I wake up. I sleep in a tanktop and shorts so when you wake up it is usually cold and that’s why I wear this to keep myself a little bit warm. I’ll show you a picture below and probably I will be using this in my Best Styled Looks post which will be coming up soon.


Favourite app
My favourite app at the moment is Episoder. Since, I have vacation right now I will be watching a lot of television shows. If you are watching a lot it, is very difficult to keep up with the last episode that you’ve watched. Some people watch one show in 1 day or 1 night, but I can’t, haha. Right now I’m busy watching The FlashSupernaturalBaby Daddy and Keeping up with the Kardashians. Some of you will be probably be like ‘What? Keeping up with the Kardashians?’ but I have my reasons for it and you will know why.


Favourite game
Hmm…favourite game…this one is a lot harder, because I’m not a game fanatic, but I do have a few games on my phone and I can’t really choose which one, haha. I actually love them all so I’ll just name a few that I like the most. I have Simcity, Alphabear, Subway Surfers and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. I think I will be going for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood because it’s about becoming famous and getting into the A-list. I really like that, haha. I don’t really like the waiting time to refill my energy, but the game itself is amazing! I would say that you should just try it out and see for yourself, but I do recommend you to play Simcity because I think that a lot of people will like to play that one. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is actually for just a few people who like the journey to become famous while Simcity is more like building your own city. It’s actually just like those The Sims games, but then with a city.

Let me know what your July favourites were in the comment section below! Thank you.



“Enjoy and live!”

Next Artist | Zara Larsson

Hi there!

I’m back with a new person who I just recently discovered and she is talented! She is gorgeous and musically talented. I discovered her through Youtube, I guess. I was listening to songs and then I saw the miniature of her music video of uncover, but I saw it a few times before, but I wasn’t interested. So, that time I thought let’s check it out! Turned out that I should’ve done it earlier, haha.

I don’t know if she is already known by a lot of people, cause I don’t really hear anything or any news about her on the radio or music related media. I have a feeling that she will be getting more and more famous. And I guess that uncover is also her biggest hit. Since,  I don’t know her so I’m just guessing and thinking a lot, haha.

Her voice is really sweet with a lil bit of a raw edge. In some of her songs she sounds a little bit like Rihanna for my ears. I don’t know if any other people will say that, but I do. One time when I was listening to her songs I tried to imagine that Rihanna singing it and it could be as well! Even tho, she is an upcoming artist a lot of people do know her. I asked around in my circle of friends and they all said they knew her already. One friend of mine said she already knew her from a singing talent show on television. So, probably she has already risen to kind of fame, haha. I think that you should like her voice or totally dislike it. Her voice is just something that some people like and some people don’t. That’s what I think, but everyone have their own opinion.

Since, I don’t know her that well I have been doing a little research and guess what I’ve found! She has reach some fame. I also came to find that she is born in the exact same year as me, but…I’m older, hehe. She was born on december 16th, 1997. So, she is turning 18 as well this year. Now, I’m kind of jealous, haha. Read further and you shall see why.

Source: Wikipedia

You understand now why I am jealous? Haha. She has already reached so much in her career while I’m still at the bottom studying hard even tho we are the same age. Nah, just kidding. I’m happy with my life. Studying isn’t that bad either, I think…haha. Anyways, as you can see she is quite something. So, watch over her! I believe she is going to be at Beyoncé level soon, haha!



“Enjoy and live!”

Dear diary | new opportunities

Dear diary,

Lately, there has been a lot going on as I have told you in the last 2 posts. I am so happy and lucky right now, because I got accepted for the special study that I was doing. This is school related again, haha, but you know how it goes in Asian families. School is very important and since my parents are like that I get a lot of stress from it so I need to let it all out and that’s where I got my diary for.

I really can’t believe that god or who ever it is still gives me the chance to have a better education and I’m really grateful for it. The first time I failed, but I didn’t really want to do it at first. I just did it because my parents want me to do it, but know I chose it myself and I got really lucky that I still got the chance and this time I will not fail again! This time I will be working hard and get my diploma for it!

Actually, I can’t really tell much about this, just that I’m very happy and so lucky to be getting the chance for the second time. Next to this I don’t really have anything else going on in my life to be honest. Unfortunately, I’m not going anywhere this summer, but I’m really excited because my grandma is coming over to the Netherlands! Probably I will going to Italy with my little brother and my grandma, but that’s still not for sure yet. I will be going around in the Netherlands with her. Just going here and there and guide her a little bit around. Now that I’m older I feel like I can take the responsibilities to take her to cool and nice places to look and to eat, haha.

Anyways, there’s nothing much left to say so I’ll be closing this part as that I’m very happy and lucky!



Hi guys! I’m so excited that my grandma is coming over and I’m so luck! I hope that you liked this post and let me know what you all will be doing in the summer!



“Enjoy and live!”

Review | Insidious series

Hi there!

Last week on Thursday I went with a few friends of mine to watch the last chapter of the Insidious series. This is also the first time I’m doing a review and I think I will be doing a lot more soon, haha. I will try my best not to spoil a lot and just to summarize the movie and tell me own opinion.

The last movie is about a girl who wants to connect with her mother who died due to cancer, but while connecting with dead people it is very dangerous cause other dead people will hear you calling and sometimes the bad and dangerous one will be coming after you. So, that is what happend with the girl. She thought it was her mother who tried to talk to her, but it’s not. she decided to go to a medium, in this case it is Elise. Elise warn the girl that she should watch out and through the whole movie she doesn’t know what is happening, she still thinks it’s her mom who tries to talk to her, but it’s not….


So, the last chapter of the Insidious series is a lot different from the other 2. I do have to tell you that you should watch the first and the second chapter before watching the last one, because all those movie has something to do with each other. In the first 2 movies of the series it was more about the father and the child while in the last movie I had a feeling that it was more about the woman called Elise. To be honest with you, I didn’t really like this movie but the second one is better. The first one and the last one were the worst, but the second one was the best. Instead to continue the story, it makes a turn in the series. The first two movies had something to do with each other which was still that family that was cursed, but in the last one it was totally a different story. The cursed family wasn’t in it anymore. Only the medium Elise and the 2 ghostbusters. This was a weak movie for my opinion.

I hope I didn’t spoil the movie too much, haha. I would not recommend this movie, but if you want to see it, go ahead! Let me know in the comments below what you guys thought about the movie!



“Enjoy and live!”

My sneakers collection

Hi there!

Last week I showed my 3 favourite sneakers that I own. After that I thought why am I not showing the rest of the shoes that I have! So, in the next picture you see all of my shoes, haha.

In my last post about my sneakers I didn’t tell you why I bought the shoes and why I like it so much. Well, I’m going to do that in this post! So, sit back and read, haha!

FullSizeRender(2)Left to right: Adidas, Zara, Nike, Asics, Nike, Adidas, Converse

Red Adidas
On top left you see a pair of red shoes. That one is an Adidas. I’m a big fan of Adidas and let me tell you this. Their shoes are amazing! Maybe you have seen it, I love high top sneakers, haha. I’m not a big fan of low top, but I do have a few. This one fits nicely onto my feet. I can’t really explain how my feet are, but they are weird, haha. So, I always have to find the right ones that fits nicely or else it will hurt. What I like about this sneaker is the color combination. I like the combination between red and white so it is still outstanding, but not too outstanding in a way that it is distracting. Some shoes are so outstanding that they are too distracting that they become ugly.

I’m in love with this one! I have shown you this one in my 3 favourite sneakers already, but I didn’t explain why I liked it. So, let me explain why it ended up in my 3 favourite sneakers list, haha. My style is a mix between urban and chic so I call it urbanchic. This one shows the urbanchic style definitely! The color combination between black and gold is perfect! It compliments each other perfectly! My favourite color is gold so that is why it also ended up in my favourite list, haha. And it is easy to style with. Except from that it has a very high end fasion based look. I also really love high end fashion and that’s what most of the clothes at Zara are. Zara has a lot of clothes copied from the high end fashion brands. I don’t really like that about Zara, but since it is high end fashion based you can get those expensive clothes for a cheaper price.

Nike Skate
This one is my least favourite. I bought this one before I was into the fashion scene. Even though, I don’t like this one as much as the others, it does fit very nice! As you can see this one is also a bit thicker than the others so it is perfect for the winter, haha! I really like the blue/green dots on the black background which you can’t see from above. That was the reason why I bought it. I thought that it was cool at that time, haha.

What should I say about this one? Uhm…it’s not my favourite, but I don’t hate it as well. Let’s just say that this is kind of my lazy sneaker day, haha. I do use this one more often than the nike skate and the red one, because this one is very easy to style with! You can’t see it very well from the top, but it has a little bit of a robot kind of look. It is weird to explain. I bought this one when I was on vacation in Malaysia and it had something like 50% discount so I paid only €8,- euros for it and that it is really cheap, because sneakers are usually around €60 – €100 euros!

Nike Zoom
I have shown this one in my 3 favourite sneakers as well. I bought this one when there was sale so I paid only €40,- euros for this one. I really like the blue color with the orange and white accents! It is not something that you would usually see and wear. It has something different to it, but still has that urban feel to me. I have styled this with 1 outfit where I got a lot of positive feedback for. I think I wil be doing a favourite styled looks in the near future so that I can show you how I styled this. I also think that it was one of my best styled looks! Unfortunately, this one doesn’t fits my feet perfectly. So, for days when I have to walk a lot I’m not going to wear these even though I have done it before, haha. I didn’t know at that time.

Adidas Originals
This was the last pair of sneakers that I have bought from all of them. I really like this one since it has that noisy pattern, but the black accents makes it more calm. So, it compliments nicely! I don’t know wether to describe the pattern as marble or as lightning. This one is one of the nicest fitting shoes that I have bought. It fits heavenly, haha. I use this one more for sporty occasions like in my morning run post.

The last one! I have bought this one together with my Nike Zoom. I forgot for how much I paid for this one, but probably cheap as well, haha. I can say exactly the same about this one as my red Adidas. I really like how the blue and the white color compliments each other. It makes this sneaker more casual while the red one is more stylish. I feel like I can wear this sneaker to any occasion as I want, but the red one is more limited.

Did you like this post? Let me know in the comments below which one of these sneakers are your favourite!



“Enjoy and live!”

Next Artist | The Weeknd

Hi there!

This is a new segment I want to introduce to you all. In this new segment I will be talking about all the new and upcoming artist! Since I’m a music freak and always searching for new artist, that’s why I wanted to do this segment. So, The Weeknd got the honour to be the first I’ll be talking about!

I guess a lot of people know The Weeknd by now, haha. He is still new, but have gained a lot of fame already! With his hits as Often, Earned it, Can’t feel my face and his own cover of Drunk In Love by Beyoncé, he gained a lot of attention by celebrities, music lovers (bloggers), magazines, etc.

The first time someone introduced me to him I wasn’t really interested and satisfied. The second time I listened to him it was something different. It felt different so at that time it captivated me – I don’t know if that is the correct word for it, but oh whale.

His music is so good! The lyrics seperated from his voice, haha. The lyrics that he write is so generative, but his voice is so smooth. The songs are just the typically modern day songs, but his voice set his music apart from other artists! The way he sing isn’t as special as well, just his voice makes everything different from the others and that is what makes him so outstanding! He really deserves to gain more fame than he does now and I bet he will gain more fame.

The Weeknd has won 14 awards and was nominated 30 times. In the following I will show you the awards that he has won.


2012    –      MTV O Music Awards    –     Wicked Games    –      Too Much Ass For TV
2012    –      MTV O Music Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Best Web-Born Artist
2012    –      mtvU Music Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Breaking Woodie
2012    –      Sirius XM Indie Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Solo Artist Of The Year

2013    –      Juno Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Breakthrough Artist Of The Year
2013    –      Juno Awards    –      Trilogy    –      R&B/Soul Recording Of The Year

2014    –      Canada’s Walk Of Fame    –      The Weeknd    –      Allan Slaight Award

2015    –      Juno Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Artist Of The Year
2015    –      Juno Awards    –      Often    –      R&B/Soul Recording Of The Year
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      Often    –      Best Director
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      Often    –      Best Pop Video
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      Often    –      Video Of The Year
2015    –      Much Music Video Awards    –      The Weeknd    –      Most Buzzworthy Canadian
2015    –      BET Awards    –      Earned it    –      Centric Award

Source awards: wikipedia


The ones that is written in red have a link. If you click on it you will redirected to the official music video. I also recommend you to take a listen to this. You should also check him out performing live!

I hope you all like this post. If you like it, let me know in the comments below!



“Enjoy and live!”

Morning Run

IMG_0394Hi there!

Being in good shape and have a good stamina is one of my goals! So, last Sunday I took a run. I am a really lazy person and I am wanting to make a change into that. Lazy persons don’t get anywhere. That’s what I hear a lot. If you want something you have to grab for it, that’s one of the dutch/western phrases I mostly hear, but my parents (Chinese) has another phrase for me. When the fire is already burning on your butt, you’re still not running yet. They have a lot more phrases like these, haha.

What am I actually going to talk about in this post? I’ll be talking about where I’m running to, what I’m doing while I run and what I use for running. Let’s start off with the first one!

I haven’t run for awhile, but now that I have holiday and not heading to another country I think I will be running more often. I used to run just 4 kilometres, it’s not a lot tho, haha. And I take around 2 or 4 moments for a break. The important thing is to push yourself. If you are a person who gives up easily, which I am as well, try to set a goal for how many times you will take a break or for how long do you run and take a break or how long is your break or do you rest in your break or do you keep on moving. I’ll give you a tip. Do not rest in your break! Because if you stop for a moment it is very hard to get started again so while you rest, keep on walking.

Usually when I run I don’t focus on anything. Just looking around and listening to music. I just try to relax and make my mind empty. That’s what I do while I’m running.


Since I just started running not so long ago I don’t use a lot of stuff. I just use my adidas originals as running shoes and just some shorts and shirt and I also take a cardigan with me for whenever it’s cold or raining, just for certainty. Next to that I also use the runkeeper app. It is really handy! I really recommend it if you start running as well. It’s easy to use and it tracks down the route you are running, how much you have ran, your average pace, your activities, burnt calories, the heights you’ve ran and for how long you have been running. It keeps a lot of stuff! If you go for running you should really download this app! In the above picture it shows a summary of your work out.

For all the runners out there I hope this post might have helped you out a little bit. Let me know in the comments below what you use for running and what your mind set is.



“Enjoy and live!”

Dear Diary | Are we friends?

Dear diary

Lately, I have a few problems with my friends. It’s not physically, but a bit more emotionally. In the beginning of our friendships we were very close and our group started to grow and contained more and more friends. We became a big group of friends which exist of 8 people, but now as we all grow older I have a feeling that the group is breaking apart and the most of my friends is leaving. I don’t know if it is just myself being a little too overconcerned or is it true that this is happening. I don’t really mind if it happens, but the situation where it is now is kind of weird, because I don’t know if we still are a group of friends or that everyone is going their own way and we just speak time to time.

Not too long ago a few friends of mine graduated, but they didn’t invite me to the graduation ceremony, that gives me a feeling that I’m left behind or that you don’t want to be friends with me anymore, but the worst part is that my friend did invite other friends. I don’t mind about that, but you should have asked me at least, because that gives me a feeling that you still thought of me as a friend. We have been friends for almost 6 or 7 years already. I could have said no and I think I would have said no, because I was in my testweek.

I don’t really know what I should be thinking about this right now. It kind of affected my life and myself a bit. So, I don’t really care about them at the moment cause I have my own things to worry about. So, my testweek is done and I have to wait for my results. I have also mailed my teacher about the situation and he have sent my email further to a teacher who has a higher position and he will be making the final decision. I have also registered for a special study as the one I am doing right now, but then in 1 year instead of 2. This study is basically harder, because what I am learning in 2 years, I’ll be learning in 1 year. I really hope that I can redo my year or join that special study. That is my biggest concern at the moment.



Thank you for reading one of my personal stories again! I hope you all will still like this 😀



“Enjoy and live!”